Monday, December 27, 2010

Twilight cupcakes

OMG! These are my favorite. I did these for my best girlfriends birthday. I individually wrapped each one in a chocolate colored box with a blood red ribbon with a different quote from each movie attached. They LOVED them.

Sweet 16 birthday

I did a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Chocolate bar for a sweet 16 birthday party. It ranged from chocolate mousse, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate covered marshmellows, decadant chocolate brownie and much more.


This was a bouquet of roses for a dear friends birthday. They were suppose to be red but couldn't find the red slices so I used orange instead.

It's a boy

Very simple and elegant baby shower cupcakes.

Dove chocolate rice krispie treats

I made 50 Halloween rice Krispie treats. The chocolate drizzle is from Dove Chocolate Discoveries. Yummy!!!!!!!

Kids soccer team

There are two different shades of green for the grass, that is because one of the children had allergies. We used a different icing to better fit her.

Halloween mini cupcakes for the kids.

This was for a little boys Halloween party. Just the right size for the kids.